Melodies In The Quiet

There’s something so sweet about quiet moments with Jesus. Have you experienced this too? It’s when distractions are far and our hearts are close to His.

Recently, I had a moment when I slipped away to my living room and just sat in the quiet before Jesus. The Christmas tree was lit and I was wrapped up in a cozy blanket, peaceful as can be. It was just me and Him. I wasn’t focused on what needed to be done, but rather I was engaged in connection with Him.

These moments are precious to Jesus. He doesn’t want striving – He wants stillness. When we sneak away into moments of quiet, we can hear Him more clearly. We can find the strength to utter whispers that are really melodies to His ears. Even if our whispers are more like tears, He hears those too.

We must make it a practice to make melodies in the quiet. Whether they’re prayers, tears or even a breath, a tender whisper in the quiet is louder to Jesus than a shout before an audience. Before we can be something great to others, we must experience the confidence that comes spending time alone in His presence. It’s a reflection of the importance of both the inhale and the exhale – we must receive our worth, our mission, and our acceptance from Christ before we set out to do things for the Kingdom.

Don’t neglect the secret place. Sneak away for a date with Jesus sometime this week. Find a special spot that is quiet and be still before Him. I promise, as you make secret time with Jesus a priority, you will discover the sweetness that comes from making melodies in the quiet.


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