We are a garden.

God created us – He planted us into the ground with a contentment for who He designed us to be. Each of us were crafted and placed intentionally in this garden – in this specific group of people and point in time.

Together, we are to reach others through our unique design and point them back to Jesus. Each one of us relates to different people for different reasons. This diversity is something to be celebrated, but some of us are ashamed of it.

Sometimes, we look around at the other flowers blooming around us with envy. We are still a seed, waiting for our special moment to shine. Other times, when we finally reach the moment of transformation, we get embarrassed of who we turned out to be because we wish we looked like another.

This is what we must grasp: every flower has a season, and every season has a start and end date. We cannot compare our worth as a seed to those who have been blooming for what feels like forever because they are at a different point in life – they too had a seed season when it was dark and cold and lonely.

Additionally, we must learn to embrace who we have been crafted by God to be, because the world needs our type of bloom. Each one of us has been designed with unique gifts, talents and traits that are specific and intentional to the call on our lives.

Stop pulling off your petals so you feel more like the others. Bloom.

Bloom when it’s scary. Bloom when you’re unsure about your purpose. Bloom even when you’re the only one left standing in the garden.

There are a lot of weeds out there, friend. The world needs your life – your beauty.

Don’t stop the process you have been placed in. Cultivate an atmosphere around you that feeds your special call.

Appreciate your frame, your texture and your color. Celebrate the roses and the lilies around without looking back at yourself in disgust. Thank God for the moments of sun, the moments of rain and the balance of the two.

It’s all needed. It’s all an intricate part of making you, you.

Just bloom.


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