Seasons of No

What is it about the holiday season that makes it so difficult to say no? 

I’m not even going to get started on trying to say no to all the cookies and sweet lattes – that’s for another day. 

What I do think is important to discuss is when God calls us to a season of no. Often times, we may feel deep in our spirit a need to retreat. We become exhausted from doing too many things and we need real rest. There are also other reasons for seasons of no. Sometimes, it’s not about doing too many things but rather being too pulled away from Jesus. 

When there is a need, we usually try to meet it, but when God calls us to a season of no, we need to pause and pray about that need. It’s a unique season where we don’t automatically bend to appease, but rather we bring every request before Jesus and ask Him which ones are for us to do. The best part is that He doesn’t want us to do many – He wants us to rest and be close to Him. Everything else that is not meant for us, He gives us peace about saying no to. 

A lot of the time, many of us don’t know how to go about this type of season. 

We think that if there is a need, we must always be the one to fill it – so we never actually accept the season of no. Others have been kicking back in their “season of no” for years, choosing to be a spectator rather than a co-laborer with Christ. Both of these lack balance. The main idea here is the key word: seasons

With seasons, there are breaks, but these breaks are in a cycle. There is work and there is rest – completely healthy, completely scriptural. But for too many of us, when a need arises, we step out of a season of no to meet that need instead of finishing the season out strong. It’s almost like waking a sleeping bear from hibernation – we may be active but not as our best selves. It’s the same when it comes to ditching out on seasons of no – it throws our entire cycle out of whack because we didn’t let God complete the much needed restoration in us. 

When we feel the Lord calling us into a season of no, we need to obey Him. Even if people get offended or take our no as a personal rejection, we must release it to Jesus. It’s not about them – it’s about our obedience to embrace each season God calls us into, whatever that season is. If God says go, go. But if He is saying no sweet friend, be okay with that. Your season of yes will come again soon enough and you’ll need what you gained in the no season. And remember – when we say no to everyone else, we are really saying yes to more of Jesus, and He is what is needed most. 


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