My Book Writing Process: Update! 

For the last two years, I have been writing a book that God has placed on my heart. This book has been a slow process, as I have vowed to myself that I would never write or pressure myself to write if I didn’t feel it was from the Lord to do so. But I am increasingly feeling more passionate about this book and I wanted to share a little bit about it all, as it has been one of my favorite things. 

These past couple of years, I’ve looked around and seen how many authors are publishing life-changing books at a rapid pace. I have been tempted to throw myself “all in” into the current they were riding – to produce & step into the spotlight – but continually, I felt a nudge to wait. It took me quite a while to be okay with that too. It can feel like we’re missing out on the moment when we are waiting, but God has reminded me time and time again that I have an appointed, special time. 

I believe the book I am writing will change a generation – specifically, it will change their relationships with Jesus. I feel very strongly that I am to protect the exact message of the book, but I will say that young women’s hearts will be drawn to Jesus, each in a special way. 

I ask that you pray for me, as I continue to be obedient to Christ and work on finishing this book. I strive to be intentional with every detail because I know the impact it will have on each reader. I also would like to ask you to follow me over on my Facebook page Brooklyn Oseguera, for my writing, as I am cultivating an atmosphere of encouragement and truth for both current and future readers. My goal with this page is to spread the love of Christ, while also getting others to understand my heart and hopefully lead them to Jesus through my work. 

Keep an eye out for updates about my book! I hope to have it out soon, but God’s will is what I am aiming for! Thank y’all! 

Xoxo, Brooklyn 


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