He Delights In You

Why is it that we tend to expect God to pause or take breaks from us? We believe the lie that He doesn’t miss us or think about us when we aren’t in conversation with Him, as if He is just going about His day perfectly until we mess it up and bug Him. That is exactly what the enemy wants us to believe. He wants us to feel like we are too much – too annoying, too needy, too imperfect and too unlovable. God doesn’t want us to feel that way, however. 

God says it in His Word that He loves us, which He greatly demonstrated through sacrificing His son, Jesus, on the cross for our sins. But I feel many of us stop there and don’t realize that He also delights in us. We understand that He loves us, but tend to view that love as more of a sacrifice rather than a proposal. What I want us to grasp is that He also enjoys us. He loves to bless us, watch over us every second and renew us so we don’t have to carry around the weight of our troubles. He calls us His Beloved and His Bride. He is in love with us – even though we are unworthy of that love. 

If we could just retrain our minds to remember that He is the exception – that even when we face the all too common reality of feeling unwanted, too much or unlovable in this flawed world, He truly delights in us and has unconditional love for us. We must fix our eyes on Him and our hearts on the truth of His Word and trust that He wants us to come to Him always – day, night, good times and bad times. He wants us to come to Him and be in true, deep and flourishing relationship with Him. 

We were created to need God and were filled with a longing for what only He can give us. That wasn’t an accident, but rather an intentional display of His heart for us. When the enemy tries to convince us that we are not meant to be in constant, genuine relationship with God, we must remember that God would not have created us to need Him if He did not want to be needed. He wants us to call upon Him with all of our needs, desires, hopes, dreams, stories, shortcomings and sorrows. 

Why waste precious time away from the One who wants us to be close? He is eagerly waiting for our hearts to come to Him and be still, trusting that we are welcome in His presence. Don’t you dare let the enemy deceive you – you are wanted, you are delighted in and you are loved. 

“By this I know that you delight in me: my enemy will not shout in triumph over me.” – Psalm 41:11 (ESV)  


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