Fixer Upper: The Best Kept Secret 


Many of us have found ourselves watching HGTV late at night when nothing is on or when we want to feel inspired to make our homes into something beautiful. A show, semi-new to HGTV, called “Fixer Upper” has now changed everything. 

Chip and Joanna Gaines, a married couple who excels in design and real estate, help couples not only find a home, but use their skills to make that home feel like a home. Their strategy is to find the worst home in the best neighborhood and then completely transform it into something beautiful. 

Over the years, I have seen many shows such as Flipping Vegas, Flip or Flop, Rehab Addict, Property Brothers, etc. I thought those shows were great until I watched Fixer Upper. I have not been so entertained, so engaged, so blown away and so inspired before with any of the previous shows as I have been with Fixer Upper. This show is the one to watch!

Chip and Joanna give the couple three house options that tend look a little down in the dumps. During the walk through of each house, Chip and Joanna describe what they could do to the house to make it amazing, which helps the couple decide which house they want in the end. 

Once the house is chosen, the work begins to start. Joanna is the ultimate designer with her earthy-industrial/modern taste, while her husband Chip has an eye for opening up a room and helps with demolition. 

As Chip and Joanna work together on the houses, you’ll start to notice how well they treat each other. They are so full of life and love and always treat each other respectfully. Joanna is quick to compliment her man and trusts his leadership. Chip is lighthearted and goofy and makes sure to keep the romance alive, even when they are hard at work. I just love watching their marriage throughout each episode, as they are becoming a great example of what a marriage should look like in the midst of chaos. 

This show is one you’ll have to see for yourself, as my words definitely do not do it a justice. Please check them out! I think you will find that you will want to watch episode after episode of this great show! 


2 thoughts on “Fixer Upper: The Best Kept Secret 

  1. I love that show, but even more than simply the design, talent, and inspiration involved is their story and testimony to Christ off the screen! Joanna is a wonderful woman and I love her story!

    Also, I love your blog 🙂


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